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Economic Apocalypse or the ‘Parturition of Self-Knowledge’

by Joshua H. Liberatore For a while now I’ve thought that a handful of essays in our language should be reread every three or four years, throughout one’s lifetime, just to keep the ideas fresh and secure in our collective … Continue reading

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Formica Dreams

by Joshua H. Liberatore Who can enumerate the meals served, prepared, conceived on this gleaming, marbled surface? Onion-rich and yellowed by years of immigrant congress, its edges bear evidence to family joy and neighborhood sadness alike, a layered (yet impregnable) … Continue reading

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Why Do We Read?

by Joshua H. Liberatore The question of what motivates us to stare at pages of composed text for hours at a time is a worthy investigation, one that can be approached from a number of different perspectives ranging from the philosophical to the … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Provinces: On the Rightful Irrelevance of the Vice Presidency

by Patrick Baker                                                                 September 7, 2008 In the provinces we are following the presidential campaign as intently as you in the mother country, and it was quite easy to get us to take the vice presidential bait. But now that … Continue reading

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Species of Justice in “I’m Not Scared”

by Joshua H. Liberatore The opening scene of I’m Not Scared (Io Non Ho Paura, 2003) shows a lean, tan-skinned Michele Amitrano (Giuseppe Cristiano) sprinting through a field of golden wheat in Southern Italy. Stunning photography and color composition do … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Provinces: On the Price of Oil

by Patrick Baker                                                                 August 20, 2008 In the provinces the price of oil is killing us. It costs me eighty euros – that’s one hundred twenty-five dollars of our present monopoly money – to fill my Fiat’s tank. I have … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Provinces: On Barack Obama’s Speech at the Victory Column

by Patrick Baker                                                                 July 27, 2008 The plain fact of the matter is that Europe has floated in the American sphere of influence since the end of World War II, and Germany especially so. There was long a feeling of … Continue reading

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