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“In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto” by Michael Pollan

by Patrick Baker What is food? It’s kind of like asking, ‘what is fire?’ The answer seems obvious until you are forced to think about it. So what is fire? From antiquity to the early modern period the answer was … Continue reading

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The Federalist Project 7

“The Concept of Ratification” and The Federalist 37 – 40 In the continuation of his discussion of the ratification debate, Rakove reveals Madison’s astute political judgment in restricting the state conventions to “their prescribed single decision” instead of allowing a … Continue reading

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POTUS Reads History, But Which One?

by Joshua H. Liberatore Long wars require long reviews, and POTUS conducted his marathon review of U.S. policy in Afghanistan with all the academic patience and deliberative rigor befitting his Hyde Park resume. In his address from West Point, NY, … Continue reading

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