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POTUS Gets Angry

by Joshua H. Liberatore Not famous to date for losing his cool, our POTUS nevertheless knows how to bring the hammer once in a while, when the occasion permits it. And when his motorcade landed him at the National Archives … Continue reading

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POTUS at Commencement

by Joshua H. Liberatore POTUS’s first of what will surely be many commencement addresses during his tenure did not come without controversy and plenty of media disgorgement, but he took both opportunities to embrace the hard path that we’ve come … Continue reading

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POTUS the Recruiter

by Joshua H. Liberatore One of POTUS’s more informal tasks is to provide ad hoc encouragement and motivational support to Us the People. In town hall meetings and other rowdy settings, POTUS often strikes a hortatory tone befitting his community … Continue reading

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POTUS and the Hard Path

by Joshua H. Liberatore In full recognition of the heaping pile of crises or near-crises on his plate, POTUS has been articulating his philosophy of necessary strife with great clarity of late. In his remarks to employees of the Central … Continue reading

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The Federalist Project 2

“The Road to Philadelphia” and The Federalist 6 – 10 Rakove’s second chapter, “The Road to Philadelphia,” begins to set the stage for the discussions and tensions that led ultimately to the Constitutional Conventions in Philadelphia. A main motivation, as … Continue reading

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Presidential Diction

by Joshua H. Liberatore After eight years of the Bush dyslexicon, which introduced such howlers as “strategery” and “misunderestimate” into the public record, our new POTUS has quietly made his own linguistic imprint, though perhaps with less popular acclaim. In … Continue reading

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