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POTUS Under Pressure

by Joshua H. Liberatore Wednesday’s news conference faced POTUS off with a very feisty press, whose members are apparently fatigued of the wide apprehension that he cradles the adoring media in the palm of his hand. All manner of aggressive … Continue reading

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“The Future of an Illusion” by Sigmund Freud

by Joshua H. Liberatore I’m not sure what moved me recently to pick up my copy of Sigmund Freud’s classic critique of religious belief, The Future of an Illusion (1927), which has been sitting on my bookshelf for years. Perhaps … Continue reading

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“Absurdistan” by Gary Shteyngart

by Joshua H. Liberatore In Gary Shteyngart’s brilliant novel Absurdistan, the narrator and protagonist Misha Vainberg is struggling – in vain, it seems, for most of the novel – to free himself from the “sins of the father.” His father, a … Continue reading

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The Vague Disappointment of Good Citizenship

by Joshua H. Liberatore When you think about it, there’s so little that’s asked of us as citizens on a day-to-day basis. Sure, we vote enthusiastically every four years (and a few of us more often than that), we pay … Continue reading

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“Lives Per Gallon” by Terry Tamminen

by Joshua H. Liberatore California EPA Secretary Terry Tamminen delivers in Lives Per Gallon a compelling if not altogether shocking diagnosis of our present energy ills. Its subtitle “The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction” may first suggest another liberal … Continue reading

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POTUS Among the Pharaohs

by Joshua H. Liberatore As we prepared for POTUS’s reception in the Middle East this week, I for one found it salutary to take a good square look at where we’ve come from. When our former POTUS spoke about language training … Continue reading

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The Federalist Project 3

“The Madisonian Moment” and The Federalist 11 – 14 Rakove’s presentation of James Madison, “The Madisonian Moment,” challenges a superficial misconception of the Convention’s scribe as a sort of dry academic, an essential notetaker and punctilious proceduralist, but not the … Continue reading

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