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Gertrude’s Self-Mate

by Joshua H. Liberatore “The Queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet!” cries Gertrude as she puts the poisoned cup to her lips and ends her own life. Her last act is one of both defiance and morbid resignation, a paradox … Continue reading

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Federalist Project 10

“Federalism” and Federalist 48 – 51 Some crucial themes in early America’s bifurcated political identity rise to the surface in Rakove’s treatment of federalism. At the heart of the debate about the merits and perils of federalism was nothing less … Continue reading

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POTUS in the Echo Chamber

by Joshua H. Liberatore One of the more instructive and amusing consequences of making a living as copyeditor to the Presidents is to face the daily reminder that the similarities in the officeholders are always more compelling than the differences. … Continue reading

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