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The Pitfalls of Identity Politics

by Joshua H. Liberatore The tenuous balance between substance and image in the public perception of presidential candidates has been a constant feature in previous elections (at least since the first televised debate between Nixon and John F. Kennedy in … Continue reading

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Confounding the Stimulus Package

by Joshua H. Liberatore When asked about his strategy for improving the moribund U.S. economy, President Bush keeps reminding us about the potential gains from the recent stimulus package, which needs to run its course before we can determine with … Continue reading

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Resisting the Total Explanation: Four Biopics

by Joshua H. Liberatore No other genre in film seems more familiar to American audiences in recent years than the biopic. The years 2005 and 2006 featured the release of such big-budget successes as Cinderella Man and Ray, both of which got Oscar attention … Continue reading

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Circle of Fifths

by Joshua H. Liberatore Toes curl, scrapes of sand between rough reminders of yesterday’s maiden swim: radiant pellucid sky displayed vague sense of threatened calm – both wonder and fright to behold. The rushing cool, immersion swift, warmer than one … Continue reading

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The Activists’ Banquet

by Joshua H. Liberatore Katherine picked me up around eight for the event, which was to be held in the second-floor ballroom of the Student Union. “Well, we’ll be a little late. It doesn’t matter. I’m sure no one will … Continue reading

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