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Enhancing Verisimilitude: “Waltz with Bashir”

by Joshua H. Liberatore The opening sequence of Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman’s haunting 2008 release, Waltz with Bashir, features a nasty congregation of angry dogs—mouths agape, fangs exposed, slobber spilling forth—running at full hilt toward an unknown destination, the canine … Continue reading

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“The Way of Ignorance” by Wendell Berry

by Joshua H. Liberatore Wendell Berry’s most recent collection of essays, The Way of Ignorance, builds strength from a premise at once fundamentally American and decidedly un-American: the recognition and acceptance of limits. The eponymous essay that forms the book’s … Continue reading

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POTUS and the Freeze

by Joshua H. Liberatore In his first State of the Union address earlier this month, POTUS shocked himself by not receiving applause from Republicans when he touted his own tax-cut credentials thus far. Partisan stereotypes, he learned, are not easily … Continue reading

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“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer

by Joshua H. Liberatore I’ve often wondered how (and indeed, why) one goes about writing a book with a collaborator. My concern is for the basic logistics of dividing labor, reconciling stylistic preferences, and merging variant voices. But I suppose … Continue reading

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“Three Cups of Tea” by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson

by Joshua H. Liberatore In Three Cups of Tea journalist David Oliver Relin and mountaineer-turned-grassroots education activist Greg Mortenson describe the positive change that can come, at impressively low cost, when dedicated and informed leadership tackles a thorny problem with … Continue reading

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“American Orientalism” by Douglas Little

by Joshua H. Liberatore American Orientalism, Douglas Little’s sweeping thematic survey of American foreign policy in the Middle East since 1945, was published in the fall of 2002, just as the Bush Administration was beginning the hard work of lying … Continue reading

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