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Professor POTUS

by Joshua H. Liberatore Among the many details of POTUS’s pre-POTUS background that received campaign scrutiny, one point that did not get much attention was his teaching career. POTUS taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for twelve years, … Continue reading

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POTUS Goes a Wee Bit Blarney

by Joshua H. Liberatore Occasioned by the visit of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen to the White House on St. Patrick’s Day, POTUS drew on his own Irish roots in displaying his prodigious gift of gab in a variety of … Continue reading

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Let POTUS Be Clear

by Joshua H. Liberatore Recall the tone of voice in which our parents instructed us on something of grave importance, a matter of domestic urgency: an ethical slip, flippant remark, or indecorous gesture. Recall the way that we often judged … Continue reading

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The Federalist Project 1

“The Perils of Originalism” and The Federalist 1 – 5 In this opening chapter of Jack Rakove’s Original Meanings, we confront several pitfalls of the “originalist” ambition to discover the Founders’ true intentions and the pure spirit of the Constitution … Continue reading

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Self-Affirmation in Hard Times

by Joshua H. Liberatore In the wake of nearly constant bad news for the U.S. economy – reported job losses, failing banks and insurers, stock market volatility, poor retail numbers, ominous pronouncements about low “consumer confidence” – many Americans might … Continue reading

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Two Perspectives on “The Great Gatsby”

by Joshua H. Liberatore A Dream Not So Much Deferred as Rescinded Parties and social gatherings are useful devices for illustrating the character and mores of a given social and cultural milieu, which is essential for any novelist who wants … Continue reading

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